Magic Galicia Route

Magic Galicia Route

“We are made of the same stuff as dreams” … William Shakespeare


Our proposal

A trip to the most unknown Galicia, to that Galicia that does not appear in the brochures but that remains imprinted on the soul" ... Our proposal is a 7-day tour, which will offer us the opportunity to discover magical Galicia, cultured, Galicia where the stones "speak ... REQUEST OUR EXPLANATORY BROCHURE WITHOUT COMMITMENT

day 1 Santiago de Compostela

Today we will visit a unique, unrepeatable city … a pilgrim’s goal for more than 1,000 years … World Heritage … or as the master Valle-Inclán described it as a “STONE MYSTIC ROSE” … accompanied by our guide we will unravel its secrets and we will enjoy its beauty … ”: SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA.

day 2 Finisterre-Muxía

“Today will take us to the medieval FINISTERRE, a place that maintains its aura of mystery and mysticism… Passing through spectacular places such as MONTE PINDO (the Olympo Galaico), the impressive CASCADA DEL EZARO (the only river in Europe that flows into the sea forming a waterfall), MUXÍA (one of the most impressive sanctuaries in Galicia and a place of worship since time immemorial) and FINISTERRE (the medieval “finis terrae” … the place where Europe ended in the Middle Ages) … “

day 3 Peninsula do Barbanza

PENINSULA DO BARBANZA … a trip to mystical Galicia where ancient and modern traditions go hand in hand … We will visit places like the beautiful village of NOIA, the CASTRO DE BAROÑA (one of the most impressive Celtic Castros in Galicia), DOLMEN DE AXEITOS and we will finish with the visit to POBRA DO CARAMIÑAL (small town where the famous “procession of shrouds or caskets” is held every third Sunday in September)… ”

day 4 Atlantic Cliffs

“This day will take us to the highest cliffs in Europe, visiting places like SAN ANDRÉS DE TEIXIDO, the church of SANTA COMBA DE COBAS, the VIXÍA DE HERBEIRA viewpoint, and we will finish with a visit to the CABO DE ORTEGAL lighthouse «.

day 5 Lugo & Surroundings

«Today we will visit such fascinating places as PENA DE RODAS (former place of worship related to the summer solstice), SANTA OLALLA DE BOVEDA (ancient Roman ninfarium, a unique building in Europe), CASTRO DE VILADONGA (spectacular fortress of the Celtic period) and LUGO (the oldest city in Galicia that maintains its impressive 3rd century Roman wall intact) ”.

day 6 Seixo hill-Campo Lameiro- O Corpiño Sanctuary

MONTE SEIXO (impressive place where (” Porta do Alén “or the door to the beyond, which according to local tradition communicates the living with the dead on the day of the dead), CAMPO LAMEIRO (the complex of” most important petroglyphs in Europe…) and SANCTUARY OF CORPIÑO (one of the best-known sanctuaries in Galicia, where the demoniacs used to come)… ”

day 7 Ourense & Surroundings

“Today we will visit OURENSE (famous city known for its thermal waters appreciated since Roman times for its therapeutic properties), SANTA MARIÑA DE AUGAS SANTAS (former pre-Roman place of worship associated with cremation rites), ALLARIZ ( beautiful medieval town where he was condemned by lycanthrope Manuel Romasanta), VAL DE SALAS (spectacular set of 40 megalithic monuments)… ”

What does this plan include?

If you decide to contract this plan, you will be able to enjoy all these services that we detail below so that the experience is completely satisfactory

7 nights of hotel

7 nights of hotel with half board included



We select the best professionals in the sector and put at your disposal the best cars on the market.


Local guide

All the trip you have a local guide



The trip includes an insurance of basic coverages



Includes tickets to boats, wineries and monuments.

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