Just one day III:Wine,Camellia&Manor Houses

Just one day III:Wine,Camellia&Manor Houses

This tour combines the magnificence of the Galician Manor Houses with the beauty of their gardens, where (if the season permits) we can enjoy the undisputed queen of the Galician gardens: The Camellia.

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This route takes us to the Ulla river valley where the Albariña grape vineyards are mixed with the beauty of the camellia of the manor houses.

The entire valley has a microclimate that makes the place an ideal place for the cultivation of wine and camellias (a plant of Asian origin that was brought to Europe by the British and that enjoys such importance in Galicia that it even has its own “Festival of the Camellia” of international renown.

We leave Santiago to visit the two wineries included in our tour on the way we will make a brief stop at the viewpoint of Gundián from which we will enjoy incredible views of the Ulla river canyon.

Crossing a unique landscape, we arrive at the first of the Castro Brey wineries. After the tasting and corresponding visit, we go to the second winery of our route located in an old 17th century Manor House (Pazo de Ximonde) at the end of the visit (with its corresponding tasting) we will approach the Pazo de Vista Alegre where we will enjoy a tasty local traditional food.

In the afternoon we will visit two of Pazo de Oca’s most impressive Pazos (where the beauty of its gardens has led it to be known as the “Galician Versailles”) and the Pazo de Ribadulla one of the pioneers in the cultivation and exploitation of camellia in Galicia.

Return to Santiago.

This tour includes:

Private transport


Tickets to the wineries and the manor houses

Lunch at the Pazo de Vista Alegre (manor house)

Price of the tour: Request information without commitment

Approximate duration: 8 / 8.30hWi

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