St.James Way : French Way

St.James Way : French Way

Its name comes from the country that it passed through in the Middle Ages and that has left its mark in places as important as Paris and its Tour de Saint Jacques. Today it is the most popular route, not in vain more than 60% of pilgrims who walk to Santiago choose her. Despite being the busiest it does not lose an iota of its charm and that is shown by the pilgrims who repeat.

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    Our proposal

    A 7-day tour departing from Sarria and arriving in Santiago

    day 1 Arrival in Sarria

    Arrival (on your own) and accomodation .Free time for discovering the medieval town on your own visiting the Magdalena
    Monastery, the Royal Street… or just sitting and enjoying a drink by the Sarria River

    day 2 Sarria - Portomarín

    After leaving Sarria medieval place founded by the King Alfonso IX as shelter for pilgrims and today starting point for many pilgrims, we ge tinto the Woods and enjoying beautiful landscapes we arrive to Portomarin.
    Walking distance 23km.

    day 3 Portomarín - Palas de Rei

    We leave the new Portomarin (the old one is sleeping under the waters just the romanesque church of San Nicholas and couple buildings more where traslated Stone by Stone in the 60s when the village was floaded by the waters of the reservoir), we finish at Palas de Rei.
    Walking distance 25km.

    day 4 Palas - Melide

    After leaving Palas de Rei (it was the capital of the medieval kingdom of Galicia) we get into the beautiful galician Woods.
    We finish at Melide (popular because of its restaurans where it is possible to taste the famous “pulpo a la gallega”(octopous in galician style).
    Walking distance 15km

    day 5 Melide - Arzúa

    After leaving Melide and ist charming medieval área, we start a beautiful day visiting churches so interesting as Santa Maria de Melide built at the XII Century and its amazing frescoes.
    We end in Arzua where we can try the so-called Arzua’s cheese.
    Walking distance 15km.

    day 6 Arzúa - Pedrouzo

    In Arzua we conect with the French route, so yhat we will see more pilgrims, after crossing quite beautiful small villages as Taberna Vella we arrive to O Pedrouzo.
    Walking distance 19 km.

    day 7 Pedrouzo - Santiago

    7th day Pedrouzo-Santiago
    Today we arrive to Santiago de Compostela.Goal for pilgrims from Medieval Ages.But before we have to stop at the Joy’s Hill from that place the pilgrims used to see the towers of the Cathedral for first time so that the joy…
    Walking distance 20km.

    day 8 Santiago de Compostela

    8th day Santiago de Compostela
    Free day at Santiago, where you can discover on your own the beauties of one of the most visited place in Spain.
    City tour included.

    What does this plan include?

    If you decide to contract this plan, you will be able to enjoy all these services that we detail below so that the experience is completely satisfactory

    7 nights

    7 nights of hotel



    The trip includes an insurance of basic coverages



    Transport of backpacks for each of the stages along the way (max. 20Kg per backpack - 1 bag per person)


    Additional features

    1 Tasting of Galician cheeses in Santiago de Compostela (from Monday to Saturday).
    1 Guided tour of Santiago (old town) in Spanish


    Pilgrim kit

    Stages map, pilgrim's credential, scallop ...

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