Route of the Camino de Santiago

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  • Camino Vía de la Plata


    Es el camino que une Santiago con el sur de la península, sigue el recorrido de diversas “vías romanas” que unían el norte con el sur de la península. Un camino menos transitado pero no por ello menos bello.

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  • Lighthouse Route

    In seas far north, day after day
    We leaned upon the rail, engrossed
    In frolic fin and jewel spray
    And crystal headlands of the coast.
    Katherine Lee Bates

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  • Magic Galicia Route

    “We are made of the same stuff as dreams” … William Shakespeare

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  • St. James Way : English Way


    This was the preferred route by the pilgrims of northern Europe faster, more comfortable and less dangerous. Got its climax on the XIV and XV centuries and most of its users were from England hence the name. They arrived by sea to one of the Galician ports and then on foot to Santiago.

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  • St. James way : Way to Finisterre


    For most medieval pilgrims, Santiago was not the end of their journey. They would want to reach the mythical Finisterrae, the End of the World. Many modern pilgrims decide to walk to the end of the medieval world and enjoy the most amazing sunset over the ocean.

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  • St.James Way : French Way


    Starting in France, hence the name, it is the most popular route (more than 60% of all pilgrims choose it). And yet, it maintains all its charms as corroborated by the many pilgrims who repeat the journey.

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  • St.James Way : Northen Way


    Older tan the french route ,it was the route used by the former pilgrims,not the easiest but with amazing landscapes, when the christians started to push the moors to the south Little by Little was abandoned.

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  • St.James way : Portuguese Way


    Today, the most traveled road after the French, follows the route that in the 15th century led the queen Isabel from Portugal to Santiago

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  • St.James Way : Primitive Way


    Our forefathers used to say “He who visits Santiago but not Oviedo, visits the servant but not the master”. This route follows the path of the first known itinerary taken by Alfonso II in the 9th century to visit the newly discovered tomb of the Apostle Saint James.

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  • St.James way : The silver route way

    It is the road that connects Santiago with the south of the peninsula, it follows the route of various “Roman roads” that linked the north with the south of the peninsula. A road less traveled but no less beautiful for that.

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