St.James Way : Northen Way

St.James Way : Northen Way

Older tan the french route ,it was the route used by the former pilgrims,not the easiest but with amazing landscapes, when the christians started to push the moors to the south Little by Little was abandoned.

From 635

    This is our proposal

    11 days tour leaving Ribadeo and arriving in Santiago de Compostela.

    day 1 Ribadeo

    Arrival in Ribadeo (on your own) and accommodation. Free time to enjoy this charming villa built at the mouth of the Eo River.

    day 2 Ribadeo-Villamartín Grande(18,6 km)

    Today’s stage takes us away from the coast to enter the interior, walking through forests and villages we reach our end of stage and where we will stay


    day 3 Villamartín Grande-Mondoñedo (18km)

    In today’s stage we will pass through small towns but with an incredible Heritage such as Lourenzá. End of stage in Mondoñedo where we will also stay.

    day 4 Mondoñedo-Abadín (16,6 km)

    Beautiful stage in which we will cross the well-known as “Terra Cha”, passing through forests and rural villages we will arrive at Abadín, where we will stay.

    day 5 Abadín-Villalba (21km)

    Today’s stage will offer us beautiful pictures like the Anllo and Arnela rivers. End of stage and accommodation in Vilalba, you can walk through this town and see the Torre del Homenaje, the Plaza de Santa Maria with its parish church or see the remains of the ancient Roman walls that are preserved.

    day 6 Vilalba - Seixón (30,7km)

    We start our journey in the mythical Vilalba, capital of Terra Chá and cradle of the Andrades, where we can still contemplate its medieval keep, crossing beautiful landscapes and accompanied by the Magdalena and Trimaz rivers. We will arrive at Seixón where we will stay.

    day 7 Seixón - Sobrado dos Monxes(27,6 km)

    Our stage culminates today in one of the emblematic places of the northern path, the Monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes, the first Cistercian monastery in Spain and a Galician architectural jewel that will amaze us with its size that accounts for its splendid past. 

    day 8 Sobrado dos monxes - Arzúa( 22km)

    We leave the impressive convent complex to enter a stage where we will tour forests and innumerable villages dedicated to the exploitation of cattle, not in vain we are touring the area of ​​the famous Arzúa cheese.

    day 9 Arzúa - Pedrouzo (19km)

    In Arzua we conect with the French route, so yhat we will see more pilgrims, after crossing quite beautiful small villages as Taberna Vella we arrive to O Pedrouzo.
    Walking distance 19 km.

    day 10 Pedrouzo - Santiago (19,5km)

    Today we arrive to Santiago de Compostela.Goal for pilgrims from Medieval Ages.But before we have to stop at the Joy’s Hill from that place the pilgrims used to see the towers of the Cathedral for first time so that the joy…
    Walking distance 20km.

    day 11 Santiago de Compostela

    8th day Santiago de Compostela
    Free day at Santiago, where you can discover on your own the beauties of one of the most visited place in Spain.
    City tour included.

    What does this plan include?

    If you decide to contract this plan, you will be able to enjoy all these services that we detail below so that the experience is completely satisfactory

    7 nights

    7 nights of hotel



    The trip includes an insurance of basic coverages



    Transport of backpacks for each of the stages along the way (max. 20Kg per backpack - 1 bag per person)


    Additional features

    1 Tasting of Galician cheeses in Santiago de Compostela (from Monday to Saturday).
    1 Guided tour of Santiago (old town) in Spanish


    Pilgrim kit

    Stages map, pilgrim's credential, scallop ...

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