St.James Way : The Way to Finisterre

St.James Way : The Way to Finisterre

For most of the pilgrims, their path did not end in Santiago, but they wanted to continue a little more and know the mythical “Finis Terrae” at the end of the world. Today many pilgrims also decide to go to the end of the medieval world and enjoy a amazing sunset.

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    Our proposal

    Our proposal: A 7-day tour starting from Santiago de Compostela

    day 1 Visit to Santiago

    Arrival (on your own) and accomodation ,then free time at Santiago, where you can discover on your own the beauties of one of the most visited place in Spain. It is posible to do a guided city tour if you are interested.

    day 2 Santiago - Negreira

    We start our walk from the amazing Obradoiro Square and we finish at Negreira crossing small villages some then so beautiful and well preserved as Ponte Maceira .
    Walking distance 21km.

    day 3 Negreira - Olveiroa

    Beautiful stage framed by the Tambre river, in which we will enjoy impressive views with heart-stopping landscapes. Traversing picturesque villages, indigenous forests and hundreds of farms. We will enjoy spectacular views of Mount Aro and the Xallas River, the only European river that flows through a waterfall into the sea and that we will continue in this stage until our end of stage in Olveiroa. Distance: 33’5km

    day 4 Olveiroa-Cee

    El río Xallas nos seguirá acompañando hasta llegar a la población de Hospital (lugar donde el camino se bifurca en dos nosotros tomamos la dirección Cee), llegaremos a Cruceiro da Armada donde nos encontraremos con el océano Atlántico por primera vez. Seguimos nuestra etapa hasta Cee. Distancia : 19’5 k

    day 5 Cee-Finisterre

    Short stage in which the Atlantic ocean is accompanying us, we will cross one of the best preserved towns in the area: Corcubión. Our end of stage takes us to the famous lighthouse of “End of the World”, where (if the weather is right) we can enjoy one of the most iconic sunsets in Europe.Distance: 13km.

    day 6 Finisterre - Lires

    We leave Finisterre to face a short stage that Lires us where, if time permits, we can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Galicia. Distance: 15.5 km.

    day 7 Lires - Muxía

    A superb stage that ends at the Costa da Morte. The stage ends in one of the most impressive places on the Galician coast: Muxía with its sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca. Distance: 13.5km.

    What does this plan include?

    If you decide to contract this plan, you will be able to enjoy all these services that we detail below so that the experience is completely satisfactory

    7 nights

    7 nights of hotel



    The trip includes an insurance of basic coverages



    Transport of backpacks for each of the stages along the way (max. 20Kg per backpack - 1 bag per person)


    Pilgrim's kit

    Stage maps, credential and scallop shell

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