The unknown Galicia: Lighthouse Route

The unknown Galicia: Lighthouse Route

In seas far north, day after day
We leaned upon the rail, engrossed
In frolic fin and jewel spray
And crystal headlands of the coast.
Katherine Lee Bates

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    Our proposal

    A unique route that reveals the most wild and wild Galicia ... TO COSTA DA MORTE, as the Romans baptized it ... because here they found that the sun had its grave ... but also because of the thousands of shipwrecks that from the distant past until today have place on this coast so beautiful and so full of dangers ... 200km that offer us landscapes without parallel ... Our proposal is a 6-day tour that will take us along a route with landscapes as beautiful as a postcard but as authentic as Galicia ... REQUEST OUR EXPLANATORY BROCHURE WITHOUT COMMITMENT.

    day 1 LAXE-AROU.

    Today we will take a walk of about 18km, starting with the fishing village of LAXE and that will take us to places as impressive as: FURNA DA ESPUMA, PRAIA DOS CRISTAIS (famous for its beach where thousands of colored crystals replace the sands) , the beautiful beaches of SOESTO and LAGOA DE TRABA, CAMELLE (and its curious open-air museum in Man)…


    A 18km walk that will allow us to enjoy incredible landscapes … cliffs, beaches (such as the beautiful PRAIA DO TRECE), curious places (such as the CEMENTERIO DE LOS INGLESES), Lighthouses (such as the impressive FARO DE CABO VILANO) … to finish in CAMARIÑAS (a charming fishing village that owes its name to a flower the “camariña” …



    Today we will do a 15km walk that will take us from the fishing village of CAMARIÑAS to the beautiful PLAYA DE LAGO … Through beaches, villages, charming towns such as PONTE DO PORTO, forests …


    Beautiful 17km walk that will give us the opportunity to get closer to incredible places such as the old MONASTERIO DE MORAIME, the village of MUIÑOS (which owes its name to the mills for grinding grain) to reach MUXIA (one of the most important sanctuaries in Galicia ) …


    A 13km walk starting at the lighthouse west of Galicia: CABO TOURIÑÁN, walking along cliffs with views that are a real spectacle, we will pass by the beautiful beach of Nemiña and we will arrive at LIRES where (if possible) we will enjoy an imposing sunset. Sun…


    Following the Camino de Santiago we will reach the mythical “Finis Terrae” … the end of the medieval land … 15km of walks that will take us through forests, villages, beaches (such as PRAIA DA LANGOSTEIRA) …

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